Head Coach Parcells to the Hall-of-Fame

You know one of BSP’s favorite head coaches is Bill Parcells. Bill Parcells is going into the Hall of Fame this weekend. We always believed Parcells was a tough, no-nonsense guy who played head games with his players. Come to think of it, head games are nonsense.

I’ve heard and read a bit about Bill Parcells of late. Peter King provides a great, great column on Parcells in a reflection of his career. Click the link, it goes all the way back to 1964 and his first coaching gig.

It would be sunny and bright to cap the story with a happy ending. Parcells is going into the Hall of Fame this weekend, which makes him happy. But the fact is, he was never all that happy when he coached, even when he won. At least not for long. He never let his players or coaches get comfortable. He fought comfort his whole career. When he got enough money to actually be comfortable, in his several retirements, he fought that too. He kept wanting to go back to the game, as a coach or consultant or something.

Mike Taylor covered the Cowboys and had some moments with Parcells. Taylor remembered how Parcells could be petty at times; for example his treatment of Darren Woodson … making him re-earn his team captain-ship and removing the star from his helmet in camp. Of course, Woodson had been on multiple Super Bowl championship teams. There was no denying Parcells was a football genius, and he left the Cowboys in far better shape than he found them.

I suspect the reason Parcells didn’t come back and coach the Saints last year was his status as Hall-of-Famer. He didn’t want to wait for five more years. Bill Parcells is getting up there in age, I believe he turns 72 this year. Five years is a long time.

I thought it was interesting Parcells’ Wikipedia bio has absolutely no personal information on him.

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