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Please ESPN, stop giving us Chris Berman

I know Chris Berman is a relic from the early days of ESPN and the network owes him a great deal but can we please never hear him broadcast any more games? The man is loud, annoying and a fantastic … Continue reading

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Philadelphia – Washington

Are you watching the Redskins try and fight back against Philadelphia? It’s 33-20 with just over 10 minutes left in the game. The Redskins narrowed it from 33-7 to 33-20, but the Eagles are driving the ball on the ground. … Continue reading

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NFL kickoff

It’s back. And not a moment too soon. The NFL season, with the exception of the joke of a Thursday night game–and I didn’t like the phony opener on Thursday before the Donkeys played in it–starts today. And what a … Continue reading

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NFL Opening Night and a plug for Seattle

I was excited to hear about the NFL’s season opener…until the minute I found out who was playing. It was the Ravens, coming off the Super Bowl win, against the Donkeys. In Denver, of course. Sad smiley face. Immediately knew … Continue reading

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