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The NFL: Going Down the Wrong Road

Of course, we love the NFL. The game that is. We don’t love some of the things going on in the league, mandated by the league that don’t add anything to the game. As a matter of fact, we are … Continue reading

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Mike Pereira Goes Into Hall of Fame

The Rat Hall of Fame that is. Turns out when Jason Tarver gave officials the middle finger twice while screaming obscenities at them, Mike Pereira was watching. Tarver’s actions bothered him so much he called the league office to tell … Continue reading

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Red Sox Going Home Ahead

John Lester is making a strong case for World Series MVP with two sterling performances, putting the Boston Red Sox on the brink of a world championship with a 3-1 victory tonight. If the Red Sox win the World Series, … Continue reading

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Are you tired of the Seahawks Yet?

They’ve never won a title. They haven’t been all that successful over their history. But my pick to win the Super Bowl, the Seattle Seahawks are quickly wearing out any possible popularity they’ve gained with their antics. From super-douchebag coach … Continue reading

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Dez Bryant Loses It…Sort of

Dez Bryant gets a lot of criticism. Especially from local Cowboys homers who think picking a wide receiver in the first round is a bad choice. While their might be some truth to that statement, Dez Bryant is a top-tier … Continue reading

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The Difference In Today’s NFL

I watched one of the early games, Miami at New England. Many of you know the Patriots won this game, but some of you may not know Miami held a 17-3 lead in the third quarter. We at the BSP … Continue reading

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Sweetie Pie’s

I watched this season’s final episode of Sweetie Pie’s. This reality show is probably one of the worst on television. If anyone wanted to characterize the African-American family as totally dysfunctional, they could cite this show as evidence. “Miss Robbie”, … Continue reading

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30 for 30: John Spano

I’m watching the 30 for 30 series where they talk about fraud John Spano. He came in and purchased the New York Islanders in the mid 90’s. He got a loan to purchase the team, but he had no money. … Continue reading

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Minnesota – New York

This game is an embarrassment to Monday Night Football. Remember when we used to have the traditional Monday night game between two NFL powers? That’s now the Sunday night game. Monday night is reserved for the powerhouse team against the … Continue reading

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David Wilson / Reuben Randle Twitter Battle

Did you hear about the New York Giants running back David Wilson, receiver Reuben Randle and the Twitter battle they engaged in recently? Apparently they engaged in some good old fashioned ribbing: Hey Randle u suck ur on the bench … Continue reading

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