Since When Does The Criminal Decide His Fate?

Was reading when I saw an article about P. J. Hairston and a University of North Carolina tutor named Jack Halperin. Seems Halperin noted a pattern of misconduct by Hairston, who had been suspended but not kicked off the team. In June, Hairston was pulled over in a rented SUV licensed to convicted felon Hadyn “Fats” Thomas. He was charged for misdemeanor marijuana possession and driving without a license. A gun was found at the scene, but it didn’t belong to Hairston. The charges were dropped after Hairston completed a drug assessment program. Then in July, Hairston received a speeding ticket and was charged with careless and reckless driving. In response to Roy Williams leaving the guy on the team, Halperin quit after 23 years of service to UNC, providing his letter of resignation to the school paper “Daily Tar Heel.”

If I were arrested driving with no license, illegal drugs and a gun in a felon’s car, my employment at this University would end immediately.

Of course it would. But Hairston’s a star player and he’s obviously valuable to Coach Roy Williams program. Halperin continues:

Hairston’s DTH headline quote was, “I will play this season.” Since when does the criminal decide his fate?

Roy Williams doesn’t give a damn about academics. Roy Williams does give a damn about winning games, period. This guy Hairston can do whatever he wants. He could punch Williams’ wife in the face and Roy would say “well…he is our starting guard honey. Get over it.”

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3 Responses to Since When Does The Criminal Decide His Fate?

  1. If he doesn’t care about academics then why did he rescind a scholarship ten years ago to Jameson Curry, the leading scorer in North Carolina high school bball history. Riddle me that Batman.

  2. There’s one thing I hate on the blog. Unabashed homerism. If that had been Coach K, he’d get crucified for having done it. Of course, as bagtastic as Duke is, they would have run the guy.

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