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30 for 30: John Spano

I’m watching the 30 for 30 series where they talk about fraud John Spano. He came in and purchased the New York Islanders in the mid 90’s. He got a loan to purchase the team, but he had no money. … Continue reading

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Minnesota – New York

This game is an embarrassment to Monday Night Football. Remember when we used to have the traditional Monday night game between two NFL powers? That’s now the Sunday night game. Monday night is reserved for the powerhouse team against the … Continue reading

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David Wilson / Reuben Randle Twitter Battle

Did you hear about the New York Giants running back David Wilson, receiver Reuben Randle and the Twitter battle they engaged in recently? Apparently they engaged in some good old fashioned ribbing: Hey Randle u suck ur on the bench … Continue reading

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On Field Officials: Hey, Lets Give the Jets a Win

Sorry Jets fans…both of you located outside the greater New York area. Officials gave you a win today. That overtime call against New England…you know, the call that no one else ever gets is directly responsible for you claiming a … Continue reading

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Jameis Winston leads Florida State

We hardly ever discussed ACC football on this blog. That’s about to change. We thought Clemson was the class of the ACC, and headed towards a national title opportunity. Florida State on the other hand was the team that always … Continue reading

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No he doesn’t

I saw on where LB James wants to play an NFL game before it’s over. No he doesn’t. He just thinks he does. You see, LB James would be just another dude if he played NFL football. Okay, a … Continue reading

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The Global Longball

I had a chat with my sister. She mentioned she’s going back to South Africa for a church visit. She loves going out there, but she’s not looking forward to the flight. It’s a seventeen (17) hour flight from Washington … Continue reading

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