Franklin Barbecue

Today I went to Franklin Barbecue in Austin. Dig this, I had to drive 90 miles to get there, get on their schedule and reserve a pick up 75 days in advance and be there between 10:15 and 10:35 or I forfeit the order.

It was worth it. Every penny of it, and there were a lot of pennies for sure. It’s not cheap.

Franklin Barbecue is special because the food is first rate. i had ordered brisket and ribs.

Franklin BBQ inside

Franklin BBQ inside

The ribs were St. Louis style, meaty and with probably the best sauce I’ve ever had. The brisket might have been the best brisket I’ve ever had. It’s a great brisket because it’s moist, has a great smoke ring, and a nice chew. Sometimes brisket can get over cooked and  become too pliant. Franklin’s brisket is just…perfect. It’s just something you’ve got to try.


The staff is friendly, and Aaron Franklin himself is super-nice. We were surprised to see him in the store, after watching the above video last night. My wife made him laugh when she told him we would be in Florida today if it wasn’t for his barbecue. That is very true.

Franklin Barbecue, around the corner

Franklin Barbecue, around the corner

Get there early or you’re going to miss out. We were outside and a Franklin staff member said “you probably won’t get to eat today. It’s going to be 2pm before you get to the door.” That was 15 minutes before the place opened. It was crazy. This picture was of the line going to the place. You can’t see the store from this point. There were people still coming when we drove off, not realizing they were not going to get any food that day.

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