Survivor Winner Todd Herzog in Rehab

I saw the Dr. Phil episode with Todd Herzog, Survivor winner:

quot;Survivorquot; winner Todd Herzog appears on the Nov.

Photo credit to CBS

Todd Herzog won the reality show “Survivor” at the age of 22. He started drinking at the same age, and now he’s drinking 3 bottles of vodka a day. They rolled out a table with his monthly consumption, 90 bottles of vodka.  He’s out of money and killing himself with alcohol. He once recorded a blood alcohol level of .582. In case you didn’t know, that’s more than seven times the legal limit.

I don’t know how he won at Survivor, I don’t watch the show. It just appears as if they have an abnormal number of douchbags in that event. Maybe I’m wrong.

If the rehab center, called  “The Arbor” can get Todd Herzog clean, they are the best rehab center ever.


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6 Responses to Survivor Winner Todd Herzog in Rehab

  1. Wow. I love Survivor and have watched every season. So sad. I’m not sure that the show has an abnormal number of douchbags, just certain people get more attention in the press. To be honest, I had not heard a thing about Todd since he won the show. I had all but forgotten about him until coming across your post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Juanita Kearns says:

    How is Todd herzog doing in rehab. Praying for this man

  3. Haven’t heard too much about Todd Herzog since the Dr. Phil episode. That means we haven’t heard too much negative either. Hopefully he’s gotten it together since that episode.

  4. I’m sorry, but Todd is a spoiled, immature little tool. He won a million dollars and proceeded to waste every penny. This infuriates me, especially considering that there were probably a dozen others on his season who were far more deserving. He cries about not being in the “lime light” anymore, but he has no apparent talent or skills, other than being a whining schemer. Again, so sorry, but I think this guy needs to grow the hell up.

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