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Anna Benson: Koo-Koo For Cocoa Puffs

Did you see Anna Benson on Dr. Phil’s show? I’m only halfway through this show that I’ve recorded and she’s batsh*t crazy. She apparently had Kris Benson at gunpoint, but he called the police and got her arrested. She was … Continue reading

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Ohio State in the National Title Game?

Did you see where Baylor got stomped by Oklahoma State, 49-17, ending their dreams of a national title? Did you see where Oregon lost to Arizona, 42-16, ending any possibility of a BCS game and/or national title? Those are two … Continue reading

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Survivor Winner Todd Herzog in Rehab

I saw the Dr. Phil episode with Todd Herzog, Survivor winner: Photo credit to CBS Todd Herzog won the reality show “Survivor” at the age of 22. He started drinking at the same age, and now he’s drinking 3 bottles … Continue reading

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Self-Inviting Relatives

Guess what? I have relatives who have decided to invite themselves to our humble abode for Thanksgiving. That means they expect you to prepare a great meal for them, while you were minding your own damn business. There are certain … Continue reading

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You want to do WHAT with your cellphone?

Yet another stupid idea from the Federal Government: They’ve thinking about approving cellphone use aboard aircraft. Awful, terrible, horrible. That’s what you’d want: Someone next to you talking on the phone during your Washington DC to San Francisco flight. Five … Continue reading

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“We’re heading into nut country today”

50 years ago today, John F. Kennedy uttered the words in the title of this post. I don’t do politics on BSP, therefore I shall not comment more, except to say John F. Kennedy would recognize today’s Texas. There’s a … Continue reading

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Changing of the NFL Guard

Did you see the New England – Carolina game? The way how it ended made me think, we are seeing something truly significant here. There’s a changing of the NFL guard. Granted, its only a suspicion New England got an … Continue reading

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