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Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth…

…need to put down their Cowboys pon-pons and call the game.  I don’t care about your ratings and who tuned in to watch whom. Michaels said the Cowboys need to get a stop. It’s the first time I’ve heard today … Continue reading

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Coaches to Get Fired

I’ve seen a couple of articles on coaches to be fired. Rob Chudzinski will be fired, according to Chris Mortensen. Two other sources say a final decision hasn’t been made. The Browns lost their last seven games of the season. … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Football and Prime Rib

My team lost and lost big. But who cares? I ate well. I had determined I was making a smoked prime rib today, bone-in. My wife does not like beef rare so she overcooked it after I took it off … Continue reading

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Houston – San Antonio, Christmas Day

I got tickets to the Houston – San Antonio game on Wednesday. Actually, they weren’t just tickets, they were prime seats along with access to a suite. My wife won them at her job. That means, BSP got to see … Continue reading

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Romo Out? Chew on those words, BSP

It’s what happens when you run your mouth and have no idea what you’re talking about. You know, like REAL sports casters. Yeah, I said there’s no way Romo was going to miss this game. But he is, exponentially helping … Continue reading

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Goodbye to the Bears

I wrote this post on the 26th, and I don’t know why it didn’t get posted: In other words, Aaron Rodgers is back, and it’s not to play marbles. The Bears season officially will come to an end Sunday afternoon … Continue reading

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Romo out? Don’t think so.

I’ve been hearing numerous sports-related media declare Tony Romo is out with a herniated disk. I know back pain well. I also know there’s two types of back injury: the one where you just roll over and call in sick; … Continue reading

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