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Whiny Jim Prevents Atlanta from Showing Up niners

Did you see what Mike Smith was trying to do on the final play of Candlestick Point’s ballpark? He was sending Matt Bryant out to kick a field goal to put it in the record books that the last team … Continue reading

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Did you see New England today?

Did you see the Patriots destroy the Ravens 41-7 and hurt their playoff chances badly, tonight? The Patriots jumped out to a 17-0 lead, then when the Ravens closed to 20-7, the Patriots scored the final 21 points of the … Continue reading

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Chicago – Philadelphia

Oh, Dallas, you’re going to have your hands full. Philadelphia, with nothing to play for tonight, against Chicago, with a division title in their sights. Right now, at the end of the third, it’s 33-11, Philadelphia. The Bears are only … Continue reading

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The End of Candlestick Point’s Ballpark

The niners and the Atlanta Falcons close out Candlestick Park on Monday night. The niners will be heavily favored, of course and rightfully so. I tell you, Candlestick Park is much more well known for baseball than football. Football, both … Continue reading

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Fan Affection for Sale

Saw in SI’s Extra Mustard, a fan is selling his allegiance. Seems the fan has some feelings which he describes as thus: Imagine being in love with a beautiful, majestic woman. Imagine that every day for twenty years, you have … Continue reading

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Letting the Players Play

John Madden is an all-time great when it comes to pro football. He’s in the Hall-of-Fame. It comes as a huge surprise that the video game bearing his name … the Madden video game … is bastardizing the sport. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Devastating Loss for the ‘Boys

Did you see the last quarter of the Green Bay – Dallas game? If you’re a Cowboys fan, be glad if you didn’t. Green Bay, after trailing 26-3 at halftime, ended up winning 37-36 on a Matt Flynn touchdown pass. … Continue reading

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