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Military Brass Gone Bad?

I read in the Washington Post this article: Military brass, behaving badly It talks about general officers accused of doing tawdry things, from drinking at work to having sex with multiple partners, to engaging in assaults. It’s some unseemly stuff. … Continue reading

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When’s the First Chinese Female Pop Star Coming?

Did you notice the Rise of China is really getting time in the media? For example, stuff we don’t care about related to China is starting to pop up on the front pages of the news: That’s talent. That’s huge. … Continue reading

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What does BSP dislike more than the Broncos?

You know BSP doesn’t like the Broncos. As much as I don’t like the Seahawks, I soooo hope they pummel the Donkeys in the Big Bowl Game. But there’s someone I like less than the Bronkeys: If news on Justin … Continue reading

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The Reality of Depression

Hey, did I ever mention on this blog that I once had a bout of depression? I had a communication with an ex, who accused me of leaving her at a time when she couldn’t have children. My ex said … Continue reading

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Put Money on this Super Bowl Moment

A dollar (the most I’d ever bet) says Wes Welker gets destroyed trying to run a pick. And DonkeyFan whines forever about it. Of course, I’m not betting on that. I’m sure that’s going to get mentioned to officials before … Continue reading

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Adam Schefter, LOL

Adam Schefter made a funny on Facebook. And it is funny: What was that, 1969?

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Seattle versus Denver

Have you heard? There’s going to be two weeks before the Super Bowl. Do you think we’ll hear from Richard Sherman and Peyton Manning? Sounds good, right? Maybe to you–America enjoys hype–but not me. I dig pervasive silence, but I … Continue reading

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