30 for 30: The Price of Gold

I’m watching “30 for 30: The Price of Gold.” It’s about Tonya Harding (mostly) and Nancy Kerrigan. It’s hard to believe this happened 20 years ago:

Tonya’s still raging against the machine. She was viewed as a hillbilly then, while Nancy Kerrigan was the Ice Princess. Nancy Kerrigan was probably the better skater. She played the game correctly. Tonya did not play the game correctly, she did it her way, and it cost her as much as the Kerrigan debacle. The attack, by the way, was one of the stupidest things ever:

Here’s BSP’s view: Tonya Harding was never going to come out on top, because those judges are weirdos who like stick figure girls with an elite pedigree. They don’t want to see a thick white girl out there dancing with power. They wanted a demure little girl out there. Unfortunately, Tonya blew it by having a husband, Jeff Gillooly, who was a total loser. We know Tonya hated Kerrigan, but I’d bet a dollar Gillooly thought of the whole idea. You can see in the show the guy was a control freak.

Then again, Tonya was bitter that Kerrigan wasn’t exactly in a forgiving mood when she tried to talk to her during the Olympics warm-up. She has to understand Nancy isn’t going to think too much of her, especially after either a) Tonya or b) Tonya’s family member tried to break her leg.

Of course, Kerrigan won a silver medal, while Oksana Baiul won gold. Kerrigan and her entourage was bitter about that, and Kerrigan showed a bit of azz (the bad kind) when she complained about having to wait for Baiul. Of course, Tonya shows her azz (the bad kind) by dumping on Nancy for having shown hers. Nancy continued to receive some bad pub, but the fact remains; she made millions post-Olympics, while Tonya made nothing:

Of course, there’s been scandals in figure skating since then, like the Salt Lake City vote fixing deal:

Something tells me we’ll see something similar in Sochi 2014. Figure skating sucks. The judging sucks, the whole thing just smells.






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