Military Brass Gone Bad?

I read in the Washington Post this article:

Military brass, behaving badly

It talks about general officers accused of doing tawdry things, from drinking at work to having sex with multiple partners, to engaging in assaults. It’s some unseemly stuff. The Post also published other articles like this one:

Sordid details spill out in rare court-martial of a general on sex charges

You know, having been in the military, I get it. But here’s what you don’t understand: the military is just like, well, civilian life in some ways. Except in the military, you have a verified healthy group of individuals, most whom are young, and have to live and work in close quarters with persons of the opposite (and in some cases, same) sex.

I have to relate to something I saw. My sister and I used to travel to baseball games in Baltimore. I was like 14. We would go out before the games and watch the players take batting practice. Once, we saw a player … an outfielder for the Boston Red Sox … come over, small talk and provide a woman with a baseball. It had a phone number on it.

My sister said, “I think that woman was his wife.” I was like, “uh huh.”

Then he came over and gave another woman a baseball.

I thought “I’m going to go home and take a LOT batting practice.”

The point is, these military senior leaders get to the top of their profession, much like CEO’s, except they are still healthy, still think they have it, and have more than a few bucks in their pockets. They command. They have presence. And, believe it or not, chicks dig men who have presence. The rest of us are losers compared to them. They’ve fought for their country, and in some cases, have been wounded. These guys can roll out of bed and run five miles. The majority of us losers can only drive five miles after getting the first two cups of coffee.  These guys have rock hard abs and they’re 50 years old. They’ve gotten multiple postgraduate degrees from elite schools. They’re quite smart; there’s very little nonsense you can run past a general officer, or even an O-6. Most of them are admirable people; some of them are not.

People who hold the military to a higher standard are incredibly naive. The military is a cross-section of the American public. View the people around you. Now put them in a uniform. It’s what you, the American public, are getting, and worse, it’s what you want. It used to be “Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, your senior drill instructor” was out there treating their trainees like absolute dog crap:

Gradually, it became puppies and rainbows, treat people with respect instead of dehumanizing them. And you know what happened when the military stopped treating people like animals? They thought they could have sex with them! It was an entire power trip. Trainers thought they could meet their own individualistic needs instead of their jobs. Now the people who weren’t dehumanized are now senior leaders.



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