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Unrealistic Expectations

I was watching Michael Sam in the combine. Great job on the podium doing something that can’t be easy. However, BSP feels he might be the victim of unrealistic expectations to some degree. These expectations are likely created by — … Continue reading

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Taj Boyd’s challenge to Teddy Bridgewater

Too funny, Taj Boyd, formerly of Clemson, and now doing the NFL combine said “ I thought we were here to compete” when Teddy Bridgewater declined to participate in most of the drills. Hmm, why should the most polished quarterback … Continue reading

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Team Canada to Ice Gold Medal

Anything can happen in hockey, as we well know. Sweden still has a chance, down 0-2 in the second intermission. Unfortunately, it isn’t going to happen. Team Canada is going to win the gold in hockey. As well it should. … Continue reading

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Why The Cowboys Will Only Get Better By Accident

Some people are trying to make the comparison between Al Davis and Jerry Jones. The Cowboys recent troubles are viewed with the same critical eye as the Raiders going into the tank starting in 2003 and continuing through the present … Continue reading

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Ray Rice KO’s Fiancee

Did you hear about Ray Rice, the Baltimore running back who allegedly got in a fight with his fiancee, knocked her out and dragged her out of an elevator (shown below) Did you also hear this gem? Source says police … Continue reading

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The best thing about this blog is, I don’t discuss politics unless absolutely necessary. You know, the bitter sports subject matter is sports, hot women, money, things that men like, firearms, fighting and bag-ery. In my opinion, politics is ass; … Continue reading

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Bodie Miller Interview

Aren’t you glad the Olympics only come around once every four years? Did you see the Bodie Miller interview, where he broke down after repeated questions about his deceased brother, Chelone? Seems like the interviewer, Christin Cooper (a former Olympic … Continue reading

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How huge was Miracle On Ice?

Simply put, Miracle on Ice was the greatest upset in sports history, bar none. I can’t even call the above statement homerism, because I can’t think of a bigger upset. A game with so much at stake that had professionals … Continue reading

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Jay Mohr Sports

It’s no secret BSP dislikes sports talk radio (despite listening to it a lot), but Jay Mohr just made one of my favorite rants. Jay tossed aside conventional wisdom (i.e., talk about basketball), and talked about Olympic ice hockey. Specifically, … Continue reading

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No wonder he quit

Just looked at Deadspin’s “The Worst Stuff from the Miami Dolphins Investigation“. No wonder the NFL chose to have it released on a Friday. It should raise a storm of fecal material in … everywhere. If that’s deemed “locker room” … Continue reading

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