Super Humiliation

Did you see the Super Bowl? I didn’t. Not one second of the game. Frankly I was floored when I found out it was a blowout.

But what a glorious blowout. You know I don’t like the Seasquawks. But I super don’t like the Broncos. Peyton Manning getting drilled in the SB means he’s 2-2 in the postseason since coming to Denver. In case you didn’t know, that’s the same percentage as the departed Tim Tebow. At the family dinner table, Eli’s going to say “you’ve lost multiple Super Bowls. How does that feel?”

I laughed too.

The passing yardage and touchdown records the Broncos set this season, running it up in games long decided, mean nothing. I’m going to enjoy watching bandwagoning Bronkeys fans throwing their brand new 18 jerseys away. I’m also going to enjoy watching commercials for Papa John’s nasty pizza go. Hey, Tom Jackson, your team lost, which means YOU lost. Omaha, Omaha, Ha, ha! No Bronkeys fans talking crap tomorrow. It’s been a good Sunday.


About bittersportspills

I love sports. I don't love the hype, homerism, ratings talk, self-important egomaniacs, bias or any of the other nonsense you get with the national media. Nor will you get the two clowns on sports talk radio who stage phony arguments. It doesn't make it entertaining. It makes it time to turn on your iPod and jam instead of listening to white noise generators. This is the sports blog for you, the ones who don't like everything Los Angeles or New York. Just because the sporting media is based there doesn't mean we have to like their teams. We do treat them fairly, though. That means if one of those cities has an average QB who plays particularly well...we'll note it. If they're garbage, we'll say so. Instead of crying "why, why, why" like a certain sports media homer did in his radio broadcast. This isn't my job...I have a real one. Nevertheless, I'll post here when I make an observation. Common sense in sports is nearly dead. Now we're attempting to bring it back.
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One Response to Super Humiliation

  1. Bob says:

    Time to let him GO!

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