Ray Rice KO’s Fiancee

Did you hear about Ray Rice, the Baltimore running back who allegedly got in a fight with his fiancee, knocked her out and dragged her out of an elevator (shown below)

Did you also hear this gem?

Suspension? When I saw the video, I thought she was dead. In BSP’s preliminary justice and sentencing methodology, Rice should be headed for prison. But that’s not happening.

As much as some people want to believe Rice is done in Baltimore, he’s not. One, he’s not had a court proceeding. Two, Baltimore is an organization that circles the wagons as far as protecting their players. You know, the same organization that stuck by Ray Lewis when he was charged with murder, and Jamal Lewis when he was charged and convicted of drug trafficking. Those are heavy charges for sure. The NFL wants to clean up its image but it also defends its star players:

Still, plenty of players have been arrested for and/or found guilty of domestic assault.  A suspension for a first offense remains very rare.

In my opinion, Ray Rice will skate. The charges will end up either dropped or going away, despite the presence of the video. Also, a big deal will be made out of her hitting him. Obviously whatever she did to him did not have an equal effect on him. Of course, he’s an NFL running back. He gets hit more times in a series of downs than she’s been hit in her life (I hope).


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