Hey, someone where I work said there’s going to be a food truck going over to Port San Antonio; why not get some Korean Fried Chicken? Frankly, it looks marvelous:

The food truck serves Asian Fusion dishes and is known for it's Korean Fried Chicken. Photo: CockAsian's Facebook,  Courtesy

Photo from Facebook.  Click the photo for the menu.

Unfortunately, Port San Antonio, being a politically correct organization, didn’t allow the food truck to come by. It didn’t permit it because of its name: CockAsian. The owner, Candie Yoder, says the name is a play on words, since she is Caucasian and she serves Asian fusion with an emphasis on chicken. In my opinion, the cancellation sucked.

Anyway, after Port San Antonio denied the food truck access to the facility, the food truck owner got crushed by an avalanche of publicity since then:

I really need to send the offended location a thank you letter because they helped us get our name out in front of all San Antonio and so far we have only gotten good responses.

Count this as one more good response; I’m going to get some Korean Fried Chicken at the Point on Sunday. BSP supports locals who want to chase their dreams … as long as the food is good.


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One Response to CockAsian

  1. Ted L. says:

    Wow, the food looks awesome. I did think the name was offensive until I found out its a play on words. Spelling ‘caucasian’ doesn’t have the same flair.

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