John TV

I was watching a DVR’ed episode of Maury, when one segment had someone named Brian Bates, with something called “John TV”. Turns out this guy lives in Oklahoma City, videotapes men attempting to solicit prostitutes and posts the videos online. Oh yeah, he turns the videos over to the police so they can arrest the men and women involved in the crime. He calls himself “The Video Vigilante”

Seems to BSP, this guy needs to get busted himself. First off, he makes people pay to watch his “crimefighting” videos. You know that’s got some weirdness to it, and a whole lot of creepiness. Who (besides porn freaks) want to watch a guy pull it out for oral, and videotape it? I could even understand it if someone was doing it to stop crime, but this guy has been doing this for sixteen years! It’s not about crimefighting, its about making profit. Do you think this guy gives a damn about the street sex industry?

Bates explains it this way: Some people want to save the whales; he wants to dissuade street prostitutes and their “johns” from the public spectacle of sex-for-pay; if it’s behind closed doors or arranged online or by phone, he doesn’t care.

Hear that, OKC guy who wants to get a BJ from some chick (or dude), you can go to a motel or crack house and get blown but don’t do it in your car.

I understand the horrors related to the human trafficking part of prostitution, but I just thought someone who wanted to video it and watch it was weird. In fact, the guy got busted himself for trying to get prostitutes to have sex with johns so he could videotape the bust.


Did we say “weirdness”?


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