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Amy’s Baking Company

I’m watching Amy and Samy of Amy’s Baking Company on Dr. Phil. As you know, Amy and Samy appeared on Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares.” The interesting thing is, Amy’s Baking Company is actually quite good food. Ramsey said the kitchen … Continue reading

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By the way, steak

Yeah, after the barbecue post, I went to Whole Foods and picked up three prime, grass-fed ribeyes. At $16.99 per pound, no antibiotics, no hormones, actually this steak is better for you than most foods. The seasoning is kosher salt … Continue reading

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Pessimism Grows in Buffalo

I saw where the Bills might leave Buffalo, when their lease runs out in 2022. Reportedly, there’s pessimism that the team will stay. Teams in the NFL aren’t even vulnerable to moves due to lack of people in the immediate … Continue reading

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Up in Smoke

April 1, I noted an email message from Steven Raichlen, “Up In Smoke“. Before we get to the delicious part, we’ll say you should subscribe to the newsletter if you like barbecue and grilling. Of course, we know they are … Continue reading

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Signs of MH 370?

You know this isn’t a blog post declaring the aircraft has been found. If you want to know where to look for that “breaking news”, head to “MH 370 All The Time“, The Chinese claim they heard pinging coming from … Continue reading

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Mike Mayock

I wrote about Tim Kawakami and his Bay Area bias a few minutes ago. I’m going to write about another media figure and his comments this morning on CBS Sports Radio. I’m talking about Mike Mayock. He was non-specific, yet … Continue reading

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Tim Kawakami

I was reading the Contra Costa Times, the newspaper with the best news in relation to the Oakland Raiders. I wanted to read about the Raiders since they seem to be rebuilding their team. Unfortunately, an opinion article, “Who’s shaping … Continue reading

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