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2014 NBA Draft

I’m watching the NBA Draft. It’s interesting. I love these kids and their enthusiasm. Andrew Wiggins, the first overall pick was really excited. Jabari Parker, the second pick was happy, to go to Milwaukee. Joel Embiid, after they told him … Continue reading

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Veterans Medical Care and the VA

I’m seeing yet another article, this time on CNN related to the VA system. Apparently, whistleblowers are being silenced. I don’t doubt it. Then again, I think these problems are being exaggerated to some degree. You see, it’s been … … Continue reading

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Title Aftermath – Trying to Keep it Together

I’m watching the TV News, with discussion of title aftermath. Certain players are looking to cash in on the Spurs winning the NBA championship. For example, Kawhi Leonard is looking to sign an extension, reportedly for 5 years, $80M. Count … Continue reading

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The Aftermath

I’ve lived in San Antonio since 2002. After the 2007 final, I thought this city did not realize the magnitude of its place in sporting history. Not many cities outside Boston, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles were aware of … Continue reading

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Miami – San Antonio

Tim Duncan: “We’ll do it this time.” LB James: “They were the much better team” And they were.  Tonight, San Antonio demolished the Miami Heat, 104-87 to win the 2014 NBA Title. The Spurs were the better team LAST YEAR, … Continue reading

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A Horse’s Ass

I read where Steve Coburn, owner of California Chrome,  got all bent out of shape because the horse winning the Belmont Stakes, Tonalist, hadn’t run in the previous two Triple Crown races: This is [California Chrome’s] third very big race. … Continue reading

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LeBron: Not Good, Not Bad

I’m swearing off live basketball. Man, I’m so ready for football season to start, I don’t give a shit who wins in the NBA. I just want it to end. But something I must talk about is LB James cramping … Continue reading

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North Carolina Having Athletes Take Fake Classes?

Remember back in October when BSP wrote “Since When Does the Criminal Decide His Fate?” It was about a tutor who had quit UNC when an athlete, P.J. Hairston had been arrested after a number of moving violations. The tutor … Continue reading

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A Word About Animal Shelters

A friend of mine got my attention when she described how pissed off she got when some people complained about workers at ACS. These people sit at their keyboards and misdirect their anger at euthanasia of the animals onto the … Continue reading

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