A Word About Animal Shelters

A friend of mine got my attention when she described how pissed off she got when some people complained about workers at ACS. These people sit at their keyboards and misdirect their anger at euthanasia of the animals onto the people working at the shelters.

Says here that those people need to get off their asses and HELP at a shelter.

You have to LOVE animals to work at an animal shelter. It isn’t just a job to the people working there, and yes, volunteering there.

People on the other hand, need to start taking care of their animals. That means, spaying and neutering those animals so they don’t have unwanted offspring. Another thing, people who love animals need to start going to these shelters to adopt or foster the animals.

I love animals. One reason I didn’t have pets for a long time was the fact I couldn’t take care of them properly. I did at one time have a significant other. She had a dog, and she didn’t know how to take care of him. Then she got the wild idea to breed the dog, which fortunately didn’t happen. She wanted to breed the dog because she didn’t want to work a regular job. One day, BSP will address that little issue. It might be really soon.

My cats have an awesome environment for animals. They sleep in beds IF they want to do so. They meow when they want food or water. By the way, they have a fountain for water. And they have been spayed and neutered. That’s so they won’t reproduce and force us to take their kittens to a shelter.

The real losers are the people who allow their animals to procreate due to some stupid rationale they’ve invented.


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