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Johnny Football To Practice With 1st String

Saw on ProFootballTalk where Kyle Shanahan is going to give Johnny Manziel time with Cleveland’s first string. BSP wants to know if it was Shanahan making that decision, or was it “Coach Shanahan, Mr. Haslem is on line 1”? Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Raiders to San Antonio?

By now, if you’ve been listening to the national media, you know Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis visited San Antonio a couple of weeks ago. While he was here to honor Cliff Branch, Davis, a friend of Henry Cisneros’ also … Continue reading

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Ray Rice’s Suspension and Sports Media’s Indignation

You know NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for two games, due to an altercation with his then-fiance, now wife. We discussed this in our blog post “Ray Rice KO’s Fiancee.” We also correctly noted: … Continue reading

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St. Tony the Good and Sam-Mania

Check this out: Two powerful forces collided this week in the NFL: St. Tony the Good now appears to be the Bad Guy, and a high energy special teamer owns the NFL. At least the special teamer safely owns the … Continue reading

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Tragedy Strikes Commercial Aircraft

Unless you’ve been in Stupidville, you’ve seen where a surface-to-air missile shot down a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777. More than 300 people died in the shootdown. I say Stupidville because apparently, at least one person can’t believe the source of … Continue reading

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Buzz Aldrin Properly Addresses a Conspiracy Theorist.

Of all the things we despise on this blog, the one we hate the absolute most (as of today) is Reality Deniers. You know, the people who are sometimes called “Truthers”, as in something they actively avoid. Lee Harvey Bag … Continue reading

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The New York Yankees and what they mean to me

Did you know as of July 19, 2014, the New York Yankees trail the Baltimore Orioles by 3.5 games in the American League East standings? I didn’t. And that’s a damn shame. You see, despite the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles … Continue reading

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