Warren Sapp “Stiffs” Waitress

Did you see the uproar where Warren Sapp stiffed a waitress, and she Tweeted the tab?


Sapp signed the tab and wrote:

“Boys don’t tip”

Apparently, the waitress kept referring to Sapp and his colleagues as “boys”.

Here’s the BSP take on it: While Sapp probably took the reference to “boys” in a different way, the waitress was totally out of bounds by publishing the written statement. That waitress shouldn’t be working there anymore.

Sapp himself made the following claims in reference to the service:

There’s lots going on here. I’m not sure that “boys” is a very nice term to use around older black gentlemen, especially from the South. I’m not sure Sapp qualifies as an older black gentleman, since his life experience has clearly been since some desegregation had at least begun. Sapp could have just taken what the waitress meant as a simple expression as an insult. Wouldn’t be the first time, won’t be the last. At one of my favorite dining experiences, one of the waitresses calls me “honey” and “darlin’.” It doesn’t mean she wants a date; it’s just a way of being nice.

I can tell you my father-in-law will at least complain if not leave, if he’s seated next to a 1) restaurant kitchen or 2) a bathroom.  Why? In the old days, restaurants would have black people cooking or cleaning toilets but not seating them for dining. I might not understand that, but someone else … who is 80 years old … might.

Another thing, there’s a widely held view that black people don’t tip:


dcapettini says: Jul 2, 2014 9:41 AM

If “boys” don’t tip, then Boys should serve themselves. You want to stiff waitpeople on their tip, go to Mickey Dees, Warren. Now you know why wait people hate waiting on African Americans.

pkrlvr says: Jul 2, 2014 9:58 AM

Let’s just be real here….in general black people don’t tip. At least not in the south where I am. Sapp is a recognizable black man so he has to come up with excuses not to tip. I promise the waitress said “what can I get you boys” and Sapp took it and ran because he’s a db. Gotta be above the stereotype when you are a public figure…..

As routinely as I leave at least 18%, I find that perception insulting. Most of the time, 15% means the waiter/waitress sucked. In fact, when I’m having lunch with my (mostly) white co-workers, I leave the biggest tips. These guys love hole-in-the-wall restaurants where the waitstaff is heavily invested in the restaurant and the tabs are light. I tip those particularly well, because a long time ago, I worked for tips and know what it’s like to work my ass off and still get stiffed. I find it somewhat amusing when my colleagues think the waitstaff are fighting to get us to sit in their sections because of them … when it’s really me they want in their section. It happens when I come in by myself.

People who tip well tend to have worked in the food service industry at some point.



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