Buzz Aldrin Properly Addresses a Conspiracy Theorist.

Of all the things we despise on this blog, the one we hate the absolute most (as of today) is Reality Deniers.

You know, the people who are sometimes called “Truthers”, as in something they actively avoid.

Lee Harvey Bag shot John F. Kennedy, for reasons we’ve clearly expressed on this blog. In the same post, we’ve stated men from the United States landed on the moon. And the current U.S. President was born in the United States, no matter what many of you might think. The reason some people don’t want to believe these statements is simple: Because they are looking for attention. When their theories are spoiled, they just spout it some more, as if that’s going to make it more true.

Buzz Aldrin, American hero and astronaut tires of having some bag named Bart Simbrel follow him around calling him a liar:

Bart Simbrel. Who the f**k are you? Who cares about you or what you think?

Here’s what I know about Aldrin:

Mr Aldrin, the second man after Neil Armstrong to set foot on the moon in the Apollo 11 mission, is one of America’s most famous space pioneers.

A former US Air Force pilot who flew in the Korean war, Mr Aldrin joined NASA in 1963.


Here’s what I know about the bag who was following him around:

Nashville, Tennessee-based taxi driver and conspiracy theorist

Police declined to file charges against Aldrin. Perhaps they should file charges against the bag who instigated the thing in the first place. The only thing keeping him from superbag status is the fact he’s only a theorist, not a doer.


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