Tragedy Strikes Commercial Aircraft

Unless you’ve been in Stupidville, you’ve seen where a surface-to-air missile shot down a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777. More than 300 people died in the shootdown.

I say Stupidville because apparently, at least one person can’t believe the source of that surface-to-air missile.

Wait, the “People’s Republic” so-called “defense minister” stated they had shot down an Antonov AN-26 belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force.

Next, the claim gets deleted, but has been saved. Damn your Wayback Machine, Internet! Then they claim the Ukrainian government shot down the airplane. Did we have to mention how the Ukrainian government doesn’t have to shoot down aircraft, because the rebels don’t have airplanes?  Facts like that get brushed aside.

I should start a page for dupes who will swallow propaganda by anyone who calls themselves “non-mainstream.” I don’t mean Fox News, which is the very definition of mainstream. After all, if the majority of viewers watch you, aren’t you the mainstream? It’s hard to be an outsider when you are The Inside. Ah, advertising.

Regardless, this is a tragedy because of the people lost, and the senseless reason for people being lost, because of concern about Malaysia Airlines. The airlines was losing money even before the disappearance of MH370. Now three B777 jets…including the one at SF International last year, some of the safest commercial aircraft ever built, have been lost.

I saw on Fox News how some SPAMmer said there are defense systems for commercial aircraft. Understand this: The B777 had NO CHANCE against a double-digit SAM system, no matter how it is outfitted. NONE. SA-11 is a very good system. The SA-17, it’s successor, is a BAMF. Commercial aircraft survive through the largesse of those on the ground. They are not designed to survive SAM detonations. The individuals on board the aircraft likely had no idea what happened and they died immediately. At least they didn’t suffer.

We should take the People’s Republic to task over this, despite the fact commercial aircraft shootdowns have taken place before. In 2001, Ukraine itself shot down a Russian Airbus commercial jetliner over the Black Sea, with an errant SA-5 SAM. Interestingly enough, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin denied the Ukrainian government had shot down that aircraft, and stated a US military claim that the SA-5 shot down the aircraft to be “unworthy of attention.” Then Ukraine admitted its missile had shot down the aircraft. Reportedly, Ukraine banned the testing of Buk, SA-10 (another BAMF) and similar missile systems for a period of 7 years following this incident. Meanwhile, the People’s Republic has come out with no such admission of culpability.



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2 Responses to Tragedy Strikes Commercial Aircraft

  1. Will McIntosh says:

    Very, very sad. Oddly enough, my flight was scheduled to leave Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur the very next day. Some of my company’s employees that were based in the Netherlands and Malaysia were on that flight. As I walked past the memorial each morning in the Kuala Lumpur office that was set-up in remembrance for one of the victims that worked there, made me stop and think about, well, just about everything.

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