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Derek Jeter’s End Time

Did you see the end of the Baltimore – New York Yankees game? Derek Jeter, in his last game at the Yankee Stadium, drove in the game winning run with a base hit. I thought, what if the Baltimore pitcher … Continue reading

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Can We Reduce the Kirk Cousins Talk, Please?

At work last week, one of the guys who claims to be a Washington fan, said Kirk Cousins should be the Washington quarterback over even healthy Bob Griffin. Another claiming to be a Washington fan said the same thing. I … Continue reading

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Money Mayweather Claims his Reality Show is Fake

Was reading Deadspin when I came across this article claiming Floyd “Money” Mayweather said his reality show was fake: Floyd said there were 3-4 breaks in that 30-minute sparring session with Rahman Jr and Cameron. So that was BS. Nice … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh at Carolina

It’s a Battle of Attrition in Charlotte. Didn’t everyone see Ike Taylor’s arm break on that tackle about 6 minutes into the 3rd period? Michaels and Collinsworth said “don’t look.” Too late, we already saw it. Gruesome, as Jonathan Stewart … Continue reading

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Have to wonder about Jameis Winston’s Smarts

I was wondering, what the hell did Winston say that got him suspended? Well, Deadspin explains it right here. I had never heard the term used that way, but … this is just a guess … it’s totally unacceptable for … Continue reading

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56-0: What does it mean to you?

Last night’s Buccaneers – Falcons game was 56-0 at the end of the third quarter. Many of you were thinking, I don’t want to watch this horrible game. BSP, being a Raiders fan was thinking “WTF, this could have been … Continue reading

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Do You Believe Him?

I heard commissioner Roger Goodell’s comments today: He’s sorry. The same mistakes can never be repeated And unfortunately, he’s not quitting. Sad. It’s even more sad that ESPN, in an rare turn towards journalism did an “Outside the Lines” report … Continue reading

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