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It Always Turns

For the first time in years, I’m considering inviting another person to this blog. Mainly so I can deliver comedic relief at their expense.  I played, and then began watching sports a long time ago. It’s been fun, but I … Continue reading

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What a Bummer!

Tell me you thought the San Francisco Giants were going to rebound from a 0-10 loss last night. Tell me you thought Madison Bumgarner was going to throw five innings of shutout ball in relief, on two days rest. Tell … Continue reading

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Voting. And (sigh), politics

Have you heard, there’s an election coming. Yes, another election. Groan. I did vote, but I can’t think of a more worthless way to spend an hour. Sorry politico partisan folks, it’s true: Voting doesn’t matter. When I say it … Continue reading

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Baseball is back!

Haven’t seen that much about the World Series. Are you watching? ESPN doesn’t want you to, they are rolling with mid season college football as their lead stories. I guess that’s because Fox is broadcasting the Series. Kansas City and … Continue reading

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Why is ESPN even thinking about The Lakers?

Just saw on that The Lakers point guard, Steve Nash is out for the season. Heard Kobe saying it’s okay, since Nash tried everything he could to get on the court. The Steak says The Lakers are gonna be … Continue reading

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Daniel Snyder’s Advice to Jerry Jones

  Photo from Deadspin. What advice would one terrible owner have to another? Because you read this blog, you know the two men, despite the adversarial relationship between the fan bases, are friendly with each other. So what would Daniel … Continue reading

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Combat, Cheaters-style

Thank goodness another season of Cheaters is here for us to, uh, evaluate. We wouldn’t have something as terrific as Tommy Grand or Joey Greco coming back, but it’s still highly entertaining. Tonight, our DVRed show had an old guy … Continue reading

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Victor Cruz: It’s not just a Game

Did you see Victor Cruz get hurt on a 4th and 3 play in the 3rd quarter of tonight’s Sunday Night Game of the Week? Obviously Cruz suffered a significant injury on that play … a torn patella tendon according … Continue reading

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Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys

I thought going in, the Cowboys had a chance to win this game. However, Fox is totally blowing Dallas, sucking them off like no tomorrow. Then they have Aikman up there finishing off the fluffing of Dallas. I could only … Continue reading

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Oakland’s gotta stop being Oakland

Tony Sparano came into halftime tied with San Diego, 14-all. He told CBS’ sideline reporter “Oakland’s gotta stop being Oakland.” I know some Raiders fans didn’t like that.  It would never be said if Big Al were still around. But … Continue reading

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