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Oregon – Oregon State

This game, the “Civil War” is turning into a rout. It’s 23-0, Oregon with left in the 2nd quarter. Did you see Bryon Marshall catch a ball, break a tackle and score on a 77-yard play? That’s the play that … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Weekend in Sports

So much to write about, so much stuff – The Thanksgiving games were the opposite of what we normally get. The Lions won a big game for them, the Eagles – Cowboys matchup wasn’t even close, and Seattle looked like … Continue reading

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I’m going to write about Ferguson and its rioting today. It’s appropriate because of the sad and sorry events there. Look, my first exposure to rioting was a paper I did on the Watts riot in 1965. Serious business. It … Continue reading

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Glasses During a Football Play?

        Picture from Bleacher Report (click for link) We’re understandably concerned about a football player wearing glasses during a play. Until we find it’s a kicker. So it’s not even a real football player. Then we see … Continue reading

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San Antonio – Minnesota

I watched the Spurs kick the Timberwolves in the face tonight. San Antonio rolls by 29 in a slow kill. Minnesota was missing its top players, like Kevin Martin and Ricky Rubio. San Antonio was not missing its top four … Continue reading

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Mark Davis said what?

Right after BSP wrote a post about Reggie McKenzie NOT being the general manager of the Oakland Raiders, Mark Davis gave an interview regarding general manager Reggie McKenzie and other facets of the Oakland NFL franchise. Davis said in this … Continue reading

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Bengals Fan gets reward, Saints fan gets ball and bag

Did you see this? In Sunday’s Bengals domination over the Saints, when Jermaine Gresham scores on a 1-yard pass, he goes over to the stands and tosses the ball to a Bengals fan. Instead, Saints fan Tony Williams grabs the … Continue reading

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Reggie McKenzie, face the music

Hey, Raiders fans: If you haven’t noticed … and St. Tony and Dirty/cheater/criminal Rodney Harrison remind you each and every Sunday … the Raiders are winless, 0-10. In the eyes of BSP, that’s beyond horrible. It’s a standard beyond that … Continue reading

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AP Done for the Season

I’m wondering, with commissioner Goodell hammering Adrian Peterson, one of the league’s most visible players and a first time offender … what’s he going to do when the Ray Rice debacle declares him to be a great big liar? Aside … Continue reading

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Todd Herzog in Deep Trouble

I thought I had posted this last week. Some of you have asked about Todd Herzog, the former Survivor winner. He had returned to Dr. Phil’s show, when he got cleaned up. He had been 112 days sober. Since then, … Continue reading

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