Ray Rice’s Appeal, Muddying the Waters and the NFL’s Future

A former judge (arbiter) heard Ray Rice’s appeal.

Ozzie Newsome supported Ray Rice’s version of events, according to ESPN’s sources.

Mr. Goodell claimed that Rice’s statements to him were “ambiguous.”

Very interesting the notes between the NFLPA and the NFL differ from what they say. But this is telling, how Mr. Newsome’s testimony … a member of management … differs from the league’s version. This was also reported by ESPN’s Outside the Lines earlier this year, when four sources said Rice told Goodell he struck Janay.

I’d like to know what Robert Mueller’s report is going to say now? You know, the one that would have backed whatever the league told him to report?

BSP thought the NFL would do their best to whitewash this whole thing and make Rice to look like not only a wife beater, but a liar. Goodell looked to muddy the waters by saying he didn’t understand what Rice said. Newsome … who has a sterling reputation in the league … undermines Goodell’s credibility.

Now we have to wonder about the rest of the NFL. While Goodell maintains the support of the NFL’s owners, it remains to be seen how well he’s going to come out of this fiasco.

You ever notice whenever a coach is fired, or a player is released, a wealth of information appears, explaining what happened? An example of this was former Tampa Bay running back LeGarrette Blount. The player had problems getting to practice on time to the point the team was sending someone to come get him.  This only became public once the player was on the way out. I think the NFL, having perpetuated an image of fairness, is now on the verge of having a lot of unethical behavior exposed. Of all sports, the NFL was the only one that made us think every team had an equal shot. This Rice event is important because it makes us realize the NFL is as crooked as, say, the NBA. CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora (former Washington Capitals beat writer for the Washington Post) did an article on the NFL’s VP of Officiating getting caught partying on a team owner’s RV. The league’s response? NONE. Another team’s executive said “So, should I have my owner take him to a strip club when he visits us? Is that how it works?”

And it comes down to money. 100% of the time, it’s money that’s the ultimate subject. ESPN and FOX have been forward in their reporting on this issue. CBS has been critical of the league in the article on the VP of Officiating getting off the Cowboys party bus. We at BSP believe it’s due to contract negotiations. I think the networks are going to use this issue in their next negotiations with the league, claiming they can’t grow their viewership with players beating their wives, and commissioners lying about what the players say to them.

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I love sports. I don't love the hype, homerism, ratings talk, self-important egomaniacs, bias or any of the other nonsense you get with the national media. Nor will you get the two clowns on sports talk radio who stage phony arguments. It doesn't make it entertaining. It makes it time to turn on your iPod and jam instead of listening to white noise generators. This is the sports blog for you, the ones who don't like everything Los Angeles or New York. Just because the sporting media is based there doesn't mean we have to like their teams. We do treat them fairly, though. That means if one of those cities has an average QB who plays particularly well...we'll note it. If they're garbage, we'll say so. Instead of crying "why, why, why" like a certain sports media homer did in his radio broadcast. This isn't my job...I have a real one. Nevertheless, I'll post here when I make an observation. Common sense in sports is nearly dead. Now we're attempting to bring it back.
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