Todd Herzog in Deep Trouble

I thought I had posted this last week.

Some of you have asked about Todd Herzog, the former Survivor winner. He had returned to Dr. Phil’s show, when he got cleaned up. He had been 112 days sober. Since then, he’s suffered a series of relapses, and now he’s having hallucinations.

Now Dr. Phil is back, a year after his first appearance on the show, going cross-country to try and save Todd.

Todd’s in sorry shape. Totally wasted. Then he was a jackass on the flight. Todd made some demands, like he didn’t want to go back to rehab in Texas. Dr. Phil made it clear he was not in charge, and he would go wherever he wanted to go. Todd hasn’t said what made him want to avoid going to rehab in Texas.

Now Dr. Phil has him out on the stage. He’s told himself he wants to drink, and he doesn’t want to go back to rehab. Especially in Texas.

Herzog says he doesn’t want to go back to Texas because Texas is anti-gay. Um, in Austin? Because some folks made fun of a man wearing skinny jeans?

He must have been drunk when he made those comments. In fact, he was.

Anyway, they are going to try it again. Herzog is going to try rehab again, this time in another state. And his mother is going to try and get help herself:

“I think you are complicit in killing your own son … but the truth is, you’re his soft place to fall.”



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