Mark Davis said what?

Right after BSP wrote a post about Reggie McKenzie NOT being the general manager of the Oakland Raiders, Mark Davis gave an interview regarding general manager Reggie McKenzie and other facets of the Oakland NFL franchise. Davis said in this interview with

 “We are in really good shape, based on the way Reggie put all the contracts together and everything else, We’re not settled with a lot of upside-down situations anymore. The situation he walked into originally was pretty tough. The deconstruction phase of that went very, very well. I think we’re a pretty desirable place for someone that wants to come in and build.”

I hope that “someone” includes a new general manager, but it sure doesn’t sound that way:

Davis remarked that McKenzie is “not an interim GM.” It certainly sounds like McKenzie will get another year to turn things around barring a surprise option entering the mix.

We’ve already reviewed the points where we discuss why Reggie McKenzie should get fired the Monday after week 17. For example, the under .300 winning percentage, the decline in wins over the time period, the lack of talent on the club, the terrible free agent signing period, the busts in the draft, the inability to find a starting QB, the ability to trade a QB who resumes his career at a Pro Bowl level. Reggie McKenzie destroyed a near-playoff team and turned it into a laughing stock.

What is Mark Davis thinking? Granted the cap was out of whack, but McKenzie fired Hue Jackson, who could coach a little bit. He replaced him with Dennis Allen, who left with a 8-28 record. That’s 20 games under .500, a season and 1/4 under .500. Who says the Raiders should even give him a shot to make amends with those horrendous numbers? And the guy, as we mentioned before, has gone into hiding. There’s not much encouraging about that record.



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