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Chris Kyle, American Sniper

Don’t care what a bunch of crazy liberals think: Chris Kyle is an American hero. Like any other hero, he has faults. Some big faults. He bragged a lot and told some whoppers. I suspect he did some things within … Continue reading

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Carnival vs Royal Carribbean

I recently booked a cruise on Carnival, and read a Cruise Critic post on how a cruiser enjoyed their cruise on a Carnival boat more than they had on a Royal Caribbean ship. Several people contested the original poster’s opinion. … Continue reading

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Carmelo to start All-Star Game?

Not bad for a guy who is only playing “for the fans.” Right, Carmelo? What about the Bricks fans paying thousands to see that horrible team play? Why not get your knee fixed early on so you can come back … Continue reading

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Former Vanderbilt players convicted of Rape

Who would want to have sexual relations with a woman totally passed out? This is unbelievable. While we are amazed these young men threw their lives away, we shouldn’t be. According to a study, nearly one man in three in … Continue reading

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A word about Brian Williams

I work in a business where sometimes we get media exposure. I realized the only thing the media does is generate ratings. At my desk, I put on a whiteboard the drawing of a dollar bill and wrote the words: … Continue reading

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Dallas Cowboys actively supporting a Criminal

Don’t you remember when the first reports of Ray Rice and his then-fiance’ got into the public eye? According to CBS (and other outlets), head coach John Harbaugh recommended cutting Rice at the time of the incident, a move that … Continue reading

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American Airlines Forcing U.S. Airways on Travelers

Here is BSP’s Airline Rating: 1) Southwest/AirTran 2) A bunch of other airlines 3) United 4) The North Korean airline 5) U.S. Airways First, lets just say Southwest is no longer a “low cost” carrier. However, it is immensely easier … Continue reading

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Remember the NFL’s concussion protocol? Two weeks ago, we railed on the NFL because the Seahawks didn’t test Russell Wilson for a concussion. In the Super Bowl, we noticed Julian Edelman took a hit from Kam Chancellor and even though … Continue reading

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Worst Play Call in the History of Pro Football

Richard Sherman, viewing the Nationwide commercial on the Jumbotron. Well, not quite. This play call is going to be talked about for years. First off, great Super Bowl, a 28-24 New England victory. New England had more character than I … Continue reading

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Behind the Face Mask

Darnell Dockett wrote a column for Sports Illustrated. In “Behind the Face Mask“, he explains how most sports media and fans have been duped by the NFL’s focus on deflated footballs and JetsMedia buying into it. The reason for it … Continue reading

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