American Airlines Forcing U.S. Airways on Travelers

Here is BSP’s Airline Rating:

1) Southwest/AirTran

2) A bunch of other airlines

3) United

4) The North Korean airline

5) U.S. Airways

First, lets just say Southwest is no longer a “low cost” carrier. However, it is immensely easier to fly on Southwest and a ton more enjoyable to do so.

Next, we can safely say Southwest would run the big carriers out of business if it chose to fly to Alaska and Hawaii. Someone check on a 737’s range, please.

I did. The 737-700ER has transoceanic range. Might be see-ya for price-gouging carriers if Southwest chooses to put them out of business with fair pricing.

The topic of this post is American Airlines shoving U.S. Airways down the throats of its frequent flyers. I have a six-figure amount of FF miles with American. I was trying to find a flight from … an overseas location back to San Antonio. I figured since American has a huge hub in Dallas, which is fairly close to San Antonio, I could get what I consider “normal”: A flight from (the overseas location) to Los Angeles or Dallas, then onto San Antonio.

No dice. American wants to give me a flight from the (overseas location) to Los Angeles, to Phoenix, to San Antonio, with the final flight — final indignity, rather — being aboard one of U.S. Airways shitty commuter jets. Imagine flying a transoceanic flight to LA, then transferring to a 300-mile flight, then another 1,000 miles on a crop duster. Why? Because American’s new masters, U.S. Airways wants to jam you through their crappy Phoenix “Sky Harbor” hub. I call it Ground Harbor. I find all hub airports less than desirable, but  Ground Harbor is one notch below most.

The reasons for Ground Harbor’s poor rating are as follows:

1. Small bathrooms. When you are stuck on board a jet for any length of time, you’re going to need to pee when you get off the plane. In fact, I have to go when we land just because I’ve thought about it for a couple of hours. Ground Harbor has tiny bathrooms, which are quickly filled by deplaning passengers.

2. Carpeted walkways. If you have a wheeled bag, you can just roll it through the terminal if there’s just a regular floor. Unfortunately, Ground Harbor carpeted its floors, evidently to keep its passengers from easily moving their bags through the terminal. Not good when you’re in transfer mode.

3. Walking to different terminals. U.S. Airways never gave a damn for its passengers, and Ground Harbor doesn’t either. If you’re trying to transfer to another terminal, why not have a people mover of some sort? You know, like a moving sidewalk? Not at Ground Harbor. It’s your fault for booking two flights so close together, even though your company booked them because of the low fare.

Ground Harbor’s only redeeming features are some sort of Southwestern food, namely margaritas and free WI-FI. Actually the free WI-FI isn’t very good because other DB’s are constantly trying to attack your system.  Ground Harbor sucks. U.S. Airways sucks. U.S. Airways fees suck. U.S. Airways commuter jets suck. The match-up is a traveler’s nightmare.

I believe that sums it up.

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