Dallas Cowboys actively supporting a Criminal

Don’t you remember when the first reports of Ray Rice and his then-fiance’ got into the public eye? According to CBS (and other outlets), head coach John Harbaugh recommended cutting Rice at the time of the incident, a move that would have saved the Ravens a great deal of trouble … and a move that he later denied.

In the Dallas Cowboys case, they have running back Joseph Randle. He’s in trouble for the second time in four months. The first time, he was caught shoplifting (?) This time, he’s arrested for marijuana possession and under investigation for a charge of domestic violence:

According to police in Wichita, Kansas, Randle was arrested for unlawful possession of marijuana at 2:53 a.m. Tuesday. According to Wichita police, officers showed up at a hotel after receiving a call for domestic violence with a weapon. They found Randle and a 22-year-old woman at the hotel and observed marijuana in the room, which was rented to Randle.

Of course:

A Cowboys spokesman said the team had no comment.

We know what’s going to happen here. The player is going to get the charges dismissed, the player is going to get the investigation dropped, the player is going to get an undisclosed fine from the team, and the player isn’t going to miss a single game. Then the player will be celebrated by CowboysFan who cares more about a deflated football than an out-of-control nobody on their team.

Actually, they should cut his ass. The only thing missing is a videotape.

I’m interested in what Commissioner Goodell is going to do. I’m interested if this guy Randle is going to get suspended with pay while the thing is under investigation. I’m interested if this guy is going to get the hammer … or are Dallas Cowboys invulnerable to punishments under the league’s “new” domestic violence rules. Or did the woman “ask for it”, as CowboysFan will undoubtedly suggest.

What a joke. The Cowboys and their fans — some of the league’s dumbest, most oblivious fans — have so obvious a double-standard for punishment. Ray Rice is BAD and must get punished. Joseph Randle wears a star on the side of his helmet. Aw, he’s a good guy, despite being a drug using criminal. If that was Joe Average in Texas, they’d want to put him in jail and give him 10 years. On the shoplifting charge alone.

Wonder if he was going to sell that underwear and cologne tester so he could get a fix. Jerry Jones wouldn’t have a problem with that, as long as he could perform on Sundays. What a pathetic franchise, what a put-up-with-nonsense joke of a team!

Your double standard is why I don’t like your franchise, CowboysFan. Don’t you dare give me nonsense like “well, it’s not during the season.” You know Rice’s deal happened in March. Cut Randle’s ass and save yourself later embarrassment.




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