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The 2015 NCAA Tournament … it’s the Tournament, as Usual

Have we gotten to the point where upsets in the NCAA Tournament aren’t really upsets anymore? The seeding is basically built to set up matchups appealing to local and TV viewers, not that the teams are any better. We’ve seen … Continue reading

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Greg Hardy is a Cowboys player

You’ve seen where the Dallas Cowboys have signed Greg Hardy. It’s an interesting signing because there were several teams that weren’t interested in signing him. Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis said so out loud when the Raiders were cited as … Continue reading

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Chip Kelly: The crazier you are, the better you appear to be

One of my former colleagues suggests that’s Chip Kelly’s modus operandi. There may be some truth to that. There’s hardly anyone out there who believes Glass Bradford is a better quarterback at this point than Nick Foles, but Kelly seems … Continue reading

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Dr. Phil interviews Nick Gordon

I’m watching my DVRed copy of Dr. Phil interviewing Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s alleged boyfriend, on the Dr. Phil Show. I’m glad Empire is coming on in 9 minutes. This guy Nick Gordon is a super-loser. You know, the … Continue reading

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Trades, Anyone?

When I heard about the Jimmy Graham to Seattle deal, I was floored. Mostly because I didn’t believe there were trades in the NFL anymore. Then we got yet another Eagles trade, Glass Bradford to Philadelphia for Nick Foles. I … Continue reading

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Three Day Window Results in Deals? NFL Only One Surprised

The NFL started a three day window prior to the free agent signing date to eliminate tampering. Now that agents started leaking information to the press, the NFL wants to put a halt to it. What. A. Surprise. Seriously, who … Continue reading

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Ndamukong Suh to Miami

So, Ndamukong Suh is going to the Dolphins.  It’s a coup, a huge move for that franchise, picking up a player of that caliber.  They are going over the numbers now, but he’s going to sign with the Dolphins. The … Continue reading

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Stuff People Buy That Don’t Work

Here comes trouble, my first real trouble on BSP. I’m going against urban legend, and people are naturally hostile against something ripping into their moneymaking schemes. Someone I know sells this stuff called Zeal. Zeal is supposed to be a … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: Women Tell All

My IQ descends into the plant matter range as I watch this train wreck. I wonder how many of these chicks he banged before giving them their walking papers?  Like with the soccer player? Wait a minute, it gets … Continue reading

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