Former Eagle, Titan, Raider, Bills WR Art Powell deceased

Art Powell, a former Eagle and Raider wide receiver, is deceased. He was 78.

The reasons BSP remembers Art Powell has not a whole lot to do with playing of football on the field. Art Powell was a pioneer of sorts.

Art Powell played for the Eagles as a defensive back, but was released after refusing to stay in Norfolk, VA for a exhibition game. The black players were not allowed to stay in the same hotel as the white players.

After converting to wide receiver and playing for the Titans (now Jets), Powell signed with the Raiders. He and some teammates objected to playing an exhibition game in Mobile, AL where the stands were segregated. Raiders owner Al Davis moved the game to Oakland. Davis discussed moving the game:

I’m speaking as [a] man rather than their coach when I say I don’t blame them for what they believe. These are our players and our friends and we are sticking by them.”

Powell caught 50 touchdown passes for the Raiders, and ranks seventh in receiving all time for the team. He’s on the all time AFL Team.


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