The Ups and Downs of Air Travel

Despite having been in the United States Air Force … the greatest air force in human history … for over 20 years, I hate flying. I hate that I actually have some idea what is happening in the air, what keeps you going and the statistical odds of something negative happening.

I flew up to Baltimore three weeks ago, and I flew over to Alabama two weeks ago. The weather was just terrible and my planes got bounced around. Anyone notice that flying over the Southeast is just pure shit? I kept thinking about the movie “Flight” and Denzel Washington on take-off. LOL. The reality is this: air travel is the safest thing going, and the only reason we hear about accidents is the fact incidents are so rare.

There are many things I don’t understand about air travel now. One is the checked bag at the gate phenomena. You take your carry-on down to the plane to avoid the baggage fees. There isn’t enough room on the plane to stow it above your head. So you give it to the gate attendant who is begging you to give up your carry-on anyway. No bag fee, and you don’t have to drag your bag around.  The whole routine wastes a lot of time getting on and off the plane, but the airline management doesn’t care. It’s scrounging for every nickel and dime it can get by making you pay to … wear clean clothes at the location where you are traveling.

A second thing is this TSA Pre-Check. A friend of mind, a frequent traveler showed a picture at the Dulles Airport Pre-Check line. Everyone was in it, so no one was in it. I have Pre Check. It was about noon when my flight was supposed to leave San Antonio. The TSA agents shut down the Pre-Check line and sent two other travelers and myself through the “everybody strip” line.  What’s the use of having a Pre-Check line when they can shut it down whenever they like … which in my case was because the agent thought it was a nice short line? It wasn’t short when about 30 other people showed up.

One thing the airlines will love from me: Stop serving anything on flights of less than 2 hours duration. Who wants to get up and pee an hour after take-off? There’s no need for a drink on-board the plane unless you ask for one. How about giving me what I really want: Free Internet? People would be less angry on their flights with a real distraction.

One thing I am liking about air travel now is the selection of beverages. You can go to a TGI Fridays in Atlanta-Hartsfield; Chili’s and Carrabba’s in Tampa, the Fox Sports Bar in Charlotte and just get liquored up. Dallas Ft. Worth’s A & C terminals have places where you can get real food to eat, and real drinks to drink. Unless you’re flying standby, which means you can’t … or shouldn’t … leave the gate area.

Dallas Ft. Worth’s Terminal D is just fabulous. Except for the barbecue place, which in my opinion, sucks. They didn’t have brisket, and after adjusting, they didn’t have jalapeno sausage. What’s the point of going to a barbecue place in Texas that doesn’t have those?

Chicago O’Hare is a miserable pit. Except for Stanley’s Sports Bar. Great food, great beer, great times. As you can image, they have an emphasis on Chicago’s latest championships in hockey.

I’m not big on Las Vegas McCarran except it’s free internet. Actually, that’s good enough for me.

I’ve been just about to all the major airports in America. I will start writing more frequently about them.




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  1. Just saw where airlines collected $3.5 billion in fees last year, most of it in baggage fees. Seems airlines are making more in fees than by selling tickets. Pathetic!

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