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Emmanuel Sanders

Says the Patriots cheated and should not be Super Bowl champs. Who are you again? An addition to a team that got wiped out in the Super Bowl, and then got wiped out with you two rounds earlier? You’re a … Continue reading

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A View on Same Sex Marriage

this is my view. Others may have it, but I don’t know about them. I do know some of my Christian friends are very unhappy about the nationwide legalization of SSM. They claim it’s the coming of The End Times. … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is running for U.S. President

Have you heard, the originator of “The Apprentice”, the man who introduced this blog to Kenya Moore, is running for U.S. President?        New York Daily News, 17 June 2015 Thank goodness, things were getting boring around here. We … Continue reading

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Nice Win, Golden State

See you again in forty years.

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Giving LB James his due

We haven’t before, but we sure are now. LB James, that ONE guy is trying to carry Cleveland to a championship, in a way no one with the possible exception of Magic Johnson, ever has. That spike at the end … Continue reading

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Cleveland – Golden State

We’re going to follow this to the end. 96-96, 1:16 left, Cleveland ball. James to Mozgov, a big miss. Warriors, Curry scores, GS by 2. Mozgov fouled, shooting 2. Drains both of them, tied at 98. Time out, Warriors. You … Continue reading

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Jurassic a World

personally, I find the trailers amazing for their graphical representation of dinosaurs: I also know it’s a political statement on Sea World for the animal cruelty bunch. It’s also another one of the very old, very tired movies based on … Continue reading

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