Jurassic a World

personally, I find the trailers amazing for their graphical representation of dinosaurs:

I also know it’s a political statement on Sea World for the animal cruelty bunch. It’s also another one of the very old, very tired movies based on the same script: crazed scientists muck around with genetics, bringing back a species despite its lack of brainpower managed to survive on the planet unopposed  for hundreds of millions of years. In the script, the miniature-brained species gains incredible aptitude and the ability to communicate beyond grunts, enabling them to become unstoppable predators. A slaughter of enabling Jurassic World spectators follows, along with key members of the Jurassic World scientists and staff. Of course they deserve it because they lack morality and see the creatures as profit centers. In the end, our heroes and heroine save the world from he rampaging prehistoric creatures.

Or do they? That question will hang in the air, leaving room for yet another repeat of the same sequence of events.

I should be a scriptwriter. Of course, none of the customers or scientists in Jurassic World have seen Jurassic Park, or even heard of that movie. I dare say most humans would be terrified to get near dinosaurs for that very reason: they would be dangerous as hell even if they weren’t smart. But hey, why let reality invade fantasy? We can make our political statement (SeaWorld is horrible and cruel for animals) and influence minds though nonsense.


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