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The ESPY’s

Are you watching the ESPYs? I, as a dedicated sports fan am NOT. As a matter of fact, ESPN is a big portion of what’s wrong with sports. Their phony awards mean nothing. Sorry, you can’t even make me think … Continue reading

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De Andre Jordan

Unless you’ve been in hiding, you know DeAndre Jordan consented to play basketball for the Dallas Mavericks, then ended up signing a contract (which is really the only thing that matters) and going back to the Los Angeles Clippers. Jordan … Continue reading

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Going Camping

i own some unimproved land in South Texas. I also own a travel trailer and a generator. I have a wife who loves camping on our unimproved land. Of course, I hate it. I hate it because something always goes … Continue reading

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San Antonio the Favorite?

I’m hearing in sports media locally, 2015-16 season is all over. After the signings of LM Aldridge and David West, San Antonio Spurs look to be a favorite contender to come out of the West. Unfortunately, the thing that made … Continue reading

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