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Pearl Harbor

Went to the USS Arizona Memorial today.    If that doesn’t sober you up, nothing will.  I’ve been to Hawaii several times, but never had the honor to visit the memorial. I was determined to visit because this is a … Continue reading

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The Cure for Post Cruise Blues

I thought about what to do for post cruise blues. You know, when you realize you have to think about what you’re going to eat for dinner … and then actually pay for it. I got it: hang out in … Continue reading

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A Cold Wind Blows

I’m cruising my way to Hawaii.     Unfortunately, the ocean is a little rough. It’s been interesting on board because people are tripping, running into stuff because the ship is moving underneath them. For those of us who are susceptible … Continue reading

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RVing In My Head

Like I’ve said, I’m in Vancouver awaiting the start of our cruise. I will tell you, the main thing I’m looking forward to is turning my brain off for five consecutive days. You know, no question like “what are we … Continue reading

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I’m in Vancouver, B.C., getting ready for our cruise to Hawaii. I’m unprepared for this. I figured, I live in South Texas, I’m going to Hawaii and I’m only going to be in Canada for a couple of days so … Continue reading

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A Word or Two About RVing

I’ve noticed the most popular posts have to do with my travels and especially, RVing. We’re going on another vacation soon so I’ll write about that shortly. I must however, discuss this problem I have. It’s called “RVing.” There is … Continue reading

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Camping at the Beach

This past Labor Day weekend, we went camping in our travel trailer again. This time, we went to Mustang Island, a state park on the Coastal Bend of Texas.   It was a glorious trip. I don’t even know why … Continue reading

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Gunning for Officials

like everyone in the nation, surely you’ve heard about the John Jay kids who went gunning after the official in their loss at Marble Falls this past weekend. BSP has actually seen John Jay play football, since my niece’s ex-boyfriend … Continue reading

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