A Word or Two About RVing

I’ve noticed the most popular posts have to do with my travels and especially, RVing. We’re going on another vacation soon so I’ll write about that shortly. I must however, discuss this problem I have. It’s called “RVing.”

There is a part of RVing I can’t stand. My wife doesn’t help me, she just watches and tells me when I’ve done something wrong. She says she wants to help but we know she doesn’t mean it. The part I love is after I have my truck (a Ram 2500 Laramie with the Cummins turbo diesel) hooked up, and we’re on the road. It’s pure pleasure. When you get there, wherever there is, it’s incredible. I can’t really describe it, it’s just a lot of fun. You set up. You explore. Then you see whatever you went to go visit and you enjoy the hell out of it. Then you go home, pretty much exhausted! and reconstitute for the next trip.

RV lifestyle is so fun, I considered shutting down my job and going RV lifestyle for good. Other than the wifey saying she wants to help … and make no mistake, I love having her with me all the time except that period … I love every part of it. Even fixing stuff that’s broke can be an emotional challenge; the kind you get a “win” out of when you do the repair.

We’re preparing for some long trips. We’re going to Yellowstone next year. RVing is max good times. Cruising is the easiest vacation; one you take when you want to go relax totally, but RVing is freedom. 


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2 Responses to A Word or Two About RVing

  1. I am with your wife, I stand to the side and offer my unwelcome opinion all the time. I did a review of Yellowstone so if you are I terested head over to my blog and check it out. Maybe there are other in the area you are headed.

    • I have to laugh because one of my colleagues, his wife told me after we purchased the travel trailer, “she doesn’t know how much work it’s going to be.” Yes she does, she just doesn’t care!

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