RVing In My Head

Like I’ve said, I’m in Vancouver awaiting the start of our cruise. I will tell you, the main thing I’m looking forward to is turning my brain off for five consecutive days. You know, no question like “what are we going to do today?” Drink Mai Tai’s, Blue Hawaiians and every morning, get up and try to run that excess alcohol off.

At least two of those three things.

Anyway, I’m here in Vancouver thinking about what I wrote about in one of the RV columns. The tricks I’ve learned from other RVers and the folks at the dealership where I purchased my RV. Here are a few of those tips:

– Remove your gas tanks from your RV when you are done using it, and store it: the last thing you want to do is get ready for a trip and find your tanks missing. Even when we go out, I chain them to the A frame and lock it with a serious lock. Go to someone else’s RV. I even tie wrap the plastic cover to the frame.

– Remove that battery: lesson learned. I now remove the battery from the RV and connect it to a battery tender in my garage. That way it’s not exposed to hostile elements like my previous battery. We found out the battery was dead right when we arrived on site. 

– I place boards under the tires of the RV when we park it for extended periods of time. I believe this keeps the tires from getting heated up from the hot asphalt of the lot where we store it. One of my colleagues, an automotive genius says it shouldn’t matter because the tires are designed to work in those conditions, in fact, he says the main enemy of RV tires is moisture. Then again, I always see an RV by the side of the road with a flat, when we are on a trip. Consistent tire maintenance should help you avoid that fate. 

– the process of towing: do not deviate from what you were taught at the dealership. I did once, and it so, so sucked! I thought I could save time by leaving the WD hitch attached to the trailer and simply backing the truck receiver up to the hitch bar. Fail. In fact, you run risk to your trailer. 

– Pest control: it is not up to you whether your trailer gets insects. It is up to you and where you go camping, and you have little control over the campground. You can control your trailer. I’m hiring a pest control guy to do what they do for the house.

– Water supply and filtering: I see people with filters just like my Walmart filter, except in one really nice campground where the majority of campers had water softeners and filters. South Texas has problems with hard water. They also had pressure limiters to keep water pressure from causing issues with their trailers. I’m getting a reverse osmosis installed so we should almost always have quality water. I actually had a 5-gallon bottle of water we would get from Home Depot to ensure our drinking water supply.

– Empty that fresh water tank. Unless you aren’t going to have access to quality water, you don’t need it. It also helps you use money on fuel, our 43 gallon tank means we carry an extra 340+ pounds with us when the thing is full.

– I use both wood blocks and cinder block slabs (in tandem) to support the corner jacks. That way you don’t have to extend the jacks down to the ground.

– I have to admit, I get most stuff that isn’t time sensitive from Amazon. Camping World / Good Sam has put so much SPAM in my inbox I don’t read it anymore. It’s hard to read it all.

There are a number of questions I have for RVers out there, like would you run your refrigerator while towing your RV, to get it to cool down before your arrival? I’ve heard of people doing it but it sounds dangerous. My wife wants to buy a Yeti to keep our stuff cold, but that sounds nearly as dangerous … to the wallet.

RVing. It is an addiction that doesn’t go away, even if you are on an alternate vacation.

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3 Responses to RVing In My Head

  1. We live in our camper full time and travel for work. I found your tips really interesting, some don’t apply to us because we never store it. As far as running the fridge while traveling, we always do that and have never had an issue. We just switch it to auto so it runs off the propane instead of the electric (just make sure you have your propane tank open!). Concerning pests, we go all over the U.S. and you never know what kind of bugs will be where, so we always keep food (cookies, cereal, etc.) in ziplock baggies to make sure we don’t get ants. Ants are SO hard to get rid of! Have fun on your cruise!

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