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Talking Trucks

I have a travel trailer.  A travel trailer requires a vehicle to tow it. Sometimes, these can be SUV’s, sometimes a truck. In my case, I have an “ultra light” travel trailer, the gross weight — the maximum weight of … Continue reading

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Black Thursday

Went to Wal-Mart Thanksgiving evening. This year, we don’t need much of anything, but we’re destined to buy a lot of crap anyway. There’s gifts for the grandkids and the odd household appliance. Here’s the way Black Thursday works, if … Continue reading

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So, What About Aldon Smith?

This website has crushed Greg Hardy, more for his enablers than anything else. So, what about Aldon Smith? We at BSP HQ do not engage in excuse-making for our own favorite team’s players. We don’t suck up to said players … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Traffic

I mentioned in my last post, I visited the San Francisco Bay area last weekend. I lived in the Bay Area for five years, and it’s at the top of the places I’ve lived in the United States. In fact, … Continue reading

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Long Weekend in Oakland

I went out to Oakland on a long weekend and saw the Raiders get beaten by the Minnesota Vikings. Key term was “beaten.” It wasn’t a game where you say “should have, could have”, and think that could have been … Continue reading

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It Happens When You Go RVing

I should title all the campouts with the name of the town where we camp. We had decided to go a week ago, but we didn’t make up our minds until Friday night. We left to go camping Saturday afternoon. … Continue reading

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Put The Phone Away

Just saw on Good Morning America, where a Texas lady had gone on a European cruise and ended up getting a ~$3,000 phone bill. Seems she picked the wrong plan from the wrong provider, AT$T Wireless. Once ABC News got … Continue reading

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Because You’re A Clown Show, Clown Part II

You’ve read our post on the Dallas Cowboys being a clown show, with Jerry and Stephen Jones the ring masters. Now we have pictures of a bruised Nicole Holder, Greg Hardy’s ex, being released, and the Cowboys taking a ton … Continue reading

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Royals Win World Series, National Media Weeps

Congratulation to the Kansas City Royals. They are the World Series champions for the first time since 1985. What a hard nosed, resilient bunch. After falling in the World Series last year to Madison Bumgarner, the Royals, according to their … Continue reading

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