Making A Murderer

Steven Avery Prosecutor Feels Sorry for Brendan Dassey: 'He Would Never Have Been Involved Except for His Uncle'| Netflix, Crime & Courts, Murder, True Crime, TV News

Photo by Associated Press.

Have you watched it? What do you think?

Here’s my take on it: Steven Avery is probably guilty of murdering Teresa Halbach, but the police wanted to make sure he was guilty. Brendan Dassey is possibly guilty but we’ll never know because he was so vulnerable to suggestion. Dassey apparently would have never been involved with the crime had Avery not asked him to come over and participate.

Around my home, we watch a lot of crime stories; investigation type stuff. They almost always want the defendants guilty. The Netflix series wants you to believe the defendants are innocent. Somewhere in the middle lies the reality but unfortunately, we don’t get to sit through entire trials.

Netflix gives us crime through a different window. Crime is committed but we see the defendants and their hardscrabble life. We see Steve Avery as someone who has already been wrongly convicted of a horrific offense. We also see Brendan Dassey as a young man who will tell anyone anything they want to hear, and consistently refers to himself as “stupid.”

We also see the district attorney, Ken Kratz, as morally compromised. Dassey’s lawyer, Len Kachinsky is clearly viewed as reprehensible, a total douche, a scumbag. The attorney wants a conviction, acting against the best interests of his client.  As told by Dean Strang , one of Avery’s lawyers, to People Magazine:

… he finds the Dassey trial more deeply distressing than that of his own client. “The systemic protections that are supposed to be in place failed in a much more visible, troubling way in the Dassey case,” Strang says

There were some facts not mentioned in the Netflix commentary. Such as Steven Avery’s DNA being found on the latch and under the hood of Ms. Halbach’s vehicle. We also don’t hear the entire transcript of Dassey’s confession, which apparently needed little coercing from investigators. By the way, Dassey’s confession was the source which led police to determine where to look for Avery’s DNA under the hood of Halbach’s vehicle.

There are two disquieting portions to this.  First, WE could become the victims of a witch hunt IF authorities decided they didn’t like us anymore. The police may not have planted evidence on Avery’s property, but clearly could have done so. A tampered vial of Avery’s blood found by his lawyer was never fully explained. Two officers who were deposed regarding Avery’s lawsuit against Manitowoc County had to testify, but could not explain variances in records regarding their involvement in the second case. The prosecutor presented a case with a story that couldn’t have possibly have occurred. Still, both Avery and Dassey were convicted, and will spend the majority of their lives in prison. If you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time, it could happen to any one of us. You just better hope you are safe at all times.

The second portion of this involves the affluenza criminal, Ethan Couch, where he commits four murders but basically buys his way out of them. The parents buy some lawyers and gets them to use a ridiculous premise to keep him from getting 40 years in prison.

Something like the affluenza crime could happen to you … where your family could be wiped out … and the guy gets away with it, even in a law-and-order state like this. Yes, this happened in Texas. I wonder what carrying a gun would have done to prevent this crime? Yes, I know, I’m a strong gun rights proponent, but its reality.

Anyway, I wrote the last part to say how our legal system is pretty flawed, and justice really relies on how much money you have available.



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