Winter Camping

Too funny, I live in South Texas and I’m writing about winter camping. There really isn’t such a thing here, but I’m going to write about it anyway. 

We bought our travel trailer in November 2014. The trailer came ready to take out on a camping trip. We were such raw rookies we just drove it to the nearest storage lot and parked it there until we could figure out what to do next. Our first camping trip wasn’t really a trip. It was 4 miles from the storage location, and less than a mile from the dealership. We did it just to check out the systems, which worked just fine. After we put it back into storage, a couple of freezes hit. We didn’t think anything of it. Now we drain the water out of the tanks and drain the lines as best as we can. We don’t winterize because it hardly gets cold enough to fill the lines. There’s some risk involved with this because it has gotten cold here … just not recently. Recently meaning 2011.

Winter camping, which we did last weekend, is great for us because we sleep better when it’s a little cooler. We visited a place on a lake in Southeast Texas, about 150 miles away for a couple of days. Our weather was precipitation free, a huge plus for us. The temperature would drop down to about freezing at night; during the day it rose into the mid-60’s. We also got to try it our propane heater. It worked beautifully. We set it at 68 and it stayed at 68 all night. The propane heater doesn’t use much fuel, either.

One negative about the winter camping bit is the weather changes rapidly. Our return home was unpleasant because of the wind. When you pull a travel trailer, the stability isn’t so great. It was very windy, and the trailer experiences some sway despite the presence of a weight distribution hitch and anti-sway bars. It started to suck but we made it through.


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2 Responses to Winter Camping

  1. We winterized once with antifreeze and I’ll never do it again. I felt like no matter what, it never got all the way out of the system after that. We’ve since purchased a schrader valve so we can blow the lines out. Although we haven’t used it yet… We are full time so it’s a rare occasion to leave long enough to have to worry about any of that…

  2. I said it hardly ever freezes here, then it drops to 29 overnight. Have to check out the travel trailer today.

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