Camping on a Whim Gets You …

Yesterday while I was at work, I texted my wife and asked her if she wanted to go camping. Of course she wanted to go. I asked her to pack a bag, pick a place and we’d go when I got home.

Naturally, she did everything except pack a bag and pick a place to go. She asked ME to pick the place.


So I picked a place. I wanted to go to a park in Fredericksburg, about 75 miles away. She agreed and we tried to book it. Unfortunately, it was completely full. She called a couple more places. They were both booked or closed. She finally decided on a place off I-35. It was less than an hour’s drive but it was getting dark.

This was the first time I had ever driven the travel trailer in the dark. Did I mention it was during San Antonio rush hour? Here’s something you may not know about San Antonio: traffic isn’t that bad, but drivers are very, um, aggressive. They like to dive in front of you when you are towing 3.5 tons of RV behind you. I know, they do that everywhere but here, they are very aggressive. Especially Tundra driver, but that’s another post.

We went and made it in a little over an hour. We arrived at the park; I was hoping it wasn’t too close to the highway. It was less than a quarter mile from the highway. We could hear trains as well. Did I mention the bikers across the lot? What were they doing at 1030 pm?

Who cares? We were in our travel trailer. It’s always good. I thought I had set everything up and we did our routine. Get something to eat, get our drink on and have a great time. 

This morning, we started to get it together to go home. I wanted to get in the shower, but my wife suggested I empty the black & gray water tanks before I showered. Sounded sensible but on my way to do it … you can’t empty those tanks, then fill them back up! So I’m about to get back in and shower when:

“Honey … why don’t we have hot water?”

Hell, I don’t know. She then tells me the water was hot but not that hot last night. I thought it was jus fine. I’m thinking some switch is off or we’re out of propane and have to switch bottles. 

There are four things running off propane in our trailer: hot water, the stove, the refrigerator and the furnace. The refrigerator was cold. The furnace had been working. The stove fired right up. Gas was flowing. I started to believe maybe the gas to the water heater itself didn’t work so I switched to electric. I waited. The electric switch didn’t heat the water. After ice cold showers, we got out of there and now I have to diagnose what’s gone wrong with the water heater. F!

So it goes with RVing. You have to figure stuff out like this all the time. Hot water, air conditioning, gray water, brakes, etc. I dumped the gray water after the black water and the handle came off in my hand. F!  

Had to make the stop at Camping World. I might do a post on that place, too.

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