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This Can’t Possibly be Real

Yes, those are words I may have to eat. Donald Trump is still running for President. In fact, he’s doing quite well. Tonight, the Republicans square off in a debate. This is probably the last chance for other candidates to … Continue reading

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After “Haves and Have Nots”, I watched one of my DVRed Wilkos shows. One segment was on a woman named Ashley. During her relationship with Darrell, Ashley became pregnant. Darrell doubted Ashley’s child was his. While Ashley was pregnant, Darrell … Continue reading

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I see where ABC News is running a piece on GMA regarding Peyton Manning’s involvement in a sexual assault case over 20 years ago. Of course, we at BSP knew about that in the 90’s, explaining in part why we … Continue reading

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One Standard for you, Another for Me

Above all else on this Blog, we hate the Double Standard. You know, the one that says you can do one thing, but I can’t do the same thing because you are, well, you. Here’s the deal: If I’m Cam … Continue reading

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Final Words on SB50

The worst Super Bowl champion ever, for the worst fans ever. Peyton Manning was a bystander.  I will never respect that franchise.

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┬áSuper Bowl 50 and the Alternate Reality

I’m can’t do it. I’m not going to do it. While you all will be in front of your TVs watching “The Good Guys” (idiot Broncos fan terminology for their favorite football team) play the Carolina Panthers, I’m going to … Continue reading

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A Word on The Granary

In our Kreuz Market post, we mentioned Rudy’s. Rudy’s is a chain of barbecue joints in South and Central Texas. I think there are three “real” Rudy’s and the rest are franchisees. Frankly I hadn’t tried a franchised Rudy’s until … Continue reading

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