Maintaining Your RV

I haven’t posted much here over the past month. That’s because one day in March, I received coupons in the mail from our RV dealer. These were for things like “RV A/C maintenance”, “RV refrigerator maintenance” and the like. I figured since most of these services were $99, it was a great opportunity to get the thing looked at by professionals. You know, find out what I missed.

So we get there and the guy tells me I can get another service for $99, then get a 4th service for free and get the thing washed for free. I’ve just swallowed a big hook. I get the A/C serviced, the furnace, refrigerator and spot seal on the roof. In the end, it cost me just under $400. By the way, they did an excellent wash job on it.

I looked at it and figured “why couldn’t I have done that myself?” Seriously, it looked easy. Basically, they changed a filter on the a/c; the anode rod on the water heater, and spot sealed the roof. Ok. The guy says to me “we can sanitize your fresh water tank” which should be done. We dry camp on our property. I’ve sanitized the fresh water tank before and it sucks. Well,  dude tells me its $175.00. I decline, because I can do it for just about $20 total.

RV maintenance is something I don’t like doing, but it gets expensive if you take it to get done. Actually, it isn’t that hard if you have room … which I don’t. I have to do it in front of my house, which I really don’t like. My neighbors don’t like it either. So I took it to get worked on.YouTube is informative but they don’t always tell you everything.


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