The Joy of being on Large Cruise Ships?

We just returned from a cruise on Carnival’s newest and largest cruise ship, the Vista. Vista is beautiful. Vista is wonderful. Vista is huge.

I was just watching the Steve Harvey Show, where he noted Royal Carribean is sailing the world’s largest cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas, in the Mediterreanean. They gave away a trip on board this ship. I was like, wow. An even larger cruise ship. 

Here’s the deal: Large cruise ships mean a large number of passengers. It does not necessarily mean a better experience. When we sailed on Liberty of the Seas a few years ago, we made note how crowded the elevators were. It’s actually part of our decision to use another cruise line regularly. Royal Carribean has beautiful ships, but there’s simply too frickin many people on board. It makes availability for events more difficult. When you go on excursions, everyone is trying to get off that ship. A thousand more people getting off the boat in a minimally increased amount of space is painful.

Bigger in the case of cruise ships is not always better.

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